CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT - "Accessibility without Limits"

The project Innovability wants to face a double challenge: on one side favouring the accessibility, intended as demolition of architectural barriers to public buildings and entertainment areas; on the other hand spreading the culture of accessibility intended as overtaking the mental barriers that obstruct the inclusion of differently skilled people in social life.
This positive approach promotes the access to experience, that is to say creating an environment that most of people can use in a safe and sound way, researching innovative solutions aimed at eliminating disease and tiredness solutions.
Within this perspective a literary, poetry and photography contest plays an important role in the Innovability project: through the art of poetry, storytelling, photography, video, painting and graphic arts, the contest is aimed at telling disability and disease, highlighting the creativity and everyone's potentials.
The contest involves both Italian and Greek partners: it is held contemporaneously in Italy and in Greece, contemplating the activation of n. 2 administrative offices for the contest management and promotion, one in Italy managed by the Municipality of San Cesario Lecce - P5, and the other one in Greece managed by the Development Company of Western Greece S.A. - P3.

The contest foresees three different sections:

1- literary works;

2- photography, video and digital art;

3- painting and graphic arts.

If you are interested in literature, poetry, photography, painting, digital or graphic art and you are in one of the three category of participants foreseen by the Contest announcement, present your work and join the Contest!!!
You could be the winner of this interesting competition: you have time to present your work starting from the 1st of July until the 30th of September 2015.
After this period of time, a dedicated cross frontiers jury will evaluate all the literary, photographic and artistic productions received, after having shared common evaluation criteria. The same jury will detect the first three classified, that is the first three works considered more deserving by the project's jury.
Among these works, the Evaluation Committee will choose the most representative works of each section that will compete with the winning Greek ones. There will be a public vote here on the project's website, section dedicated to the Contest.
The produced works (poems and pictures) will be collected in a publication which will be presented in occasion of the prize-giving event.
Don't lose the chance to win. Take an active part in the project Innovability and let's participate!!!
You can find on line the Contest announcement with all useful information about the contest and its modalities to participate and the Registration form too.
For any kind of requests or further information, you can send an e-mail to the dedicated e- mail address: .

Competition Announcement
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