The general objective of Innovability is to improve the accessibility of public buildings and structures in Italian and Greek municipalities involved, transforming the environment and valorising its potentials. This "accessibility culture" means better access to knowledge and more opportunities for all citizens, both skilled and different skilled people.

Duration of the project
24 months
Project budget
1.041.581,90 €

Therefore, coherently with the general objective, the specific objectives of this project are:

Promote the culture of innovation, that is to say test the usage of new technologies which make the usage of resources through a multi sensorial design possible.

Favour good practices exchange and sharing being them connected to the implementation of a new organizational way to use services and structures, by means of technological advanced solutions.

Promote the realisation of solutions valid for everybody and not only dedicated to a specific kind of user.

Enhancing the public's awareness of social themes.

Develop the accessible design culture among corporations, institutions and public organs.

Grant an adequate communication and information on structures' accessibility.

Main activities

WP 1
Management and Coordination

  • Preparation activities;
  • General project coordination;
  • Financial and administrative management;
  • Evaluation.

WP 2
Information and Publicity

  • Communication plan;
  • Press promotional materials;
  • Kick-off meeting and final conference;

WP 3
Infrastructural interventions

  • Feasibility study
  • Execution of works to allow access
  • Equipment with accessible infrastructure
  • Testing and issuing certificates

WP 4
Literary,poetry,photography contest

  • Contest organization and management
  • Contest promotion
  • Selection works
  • Prize-giving ceremony

WP 5
Innovation days–Event

  • Innovation days organization in Italy
  • Innovation days organization in Greece