Municipality of Andrano - LP

As Lead Partner and responsible of the project as a whole, the Municipality of Andrano is in charge of: the project general coordination and the financial management and coordination of the self evaluations actions of the partnership, contemplated by WP1. LP takes part in the execution of all the project's activities. The Lead Partner organizes the kick-off meeting and project's launching conference in Italy and participates to other meetings of the project. This municipality is also responsible of WP3 - infrastructural interventions in Marina di Andrano: the target of this action is to make available the access to the sea for people with different skills. In order to implement WP4, the LP selects a cross frontiers jury with Italian and Greek expertises. It selects also the exhibitor of innovation services for different abilities and participates to Innovation days in Italy.

Development Agency of Etoloakarnania S.A. - LGO - P2

ANAIT is the first Development Agency created in the Etoloakarnania and founded in 1994. The area of intervention of our Agency is: entire the ex prefecture of Etoloakarnania (part of Western Greece Region). The main shareholders of our Agency are: the Western Greece Region, the local union of Municipalities, the ten biggest municipalities of the Etoloakarnania, as well as the three agricultural unions. The main aim of this foundation was the cover the needs of the Etoloakarnania in the sector of programming and applying National and European Development Projects and Initiatives. Later our Agency expanded its activities with other objectives as a result of new data created by the local and national development politics. Today a special effort is taken to create a contemporary, powerful, proficient and financially independent Agency whose aims and targets can be presented as follows:
- Creation of presuppositions for the viable sustainable development of the Etoloakarnania;
- Promotion and technical support of local development initiatives;
- Scientific and technical support of all the financial and social bearers of the Etoloakarnania.
- The creation of proper infrastructure and design so as to new Initiatives for the protection and promotion of natural and cultural resources of all the areas in the Etoloakarnania.
- Utilization of National and European development Projects.
- Materialization and diffusion of local and national activities and projects.
As far as the project Innovability is concerned, P2 is responsible in Greece for WP 5 - Innovation day and Event. P2 supports the realization of interventions that will take place in School buildings located in the Regional Unit of Ilia and Aitoloakarnania.

  • The budget of P2 amounts to
    126.798,00 €.
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    Leonidas Arvanitis, 11 Str Christou Mpassagianni, 30200, Messolonghi, Greece
    Tel: +302631055140, Fax: +302631026103,
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Development Company of Western Greece S.A. - P3

The Development Company of Western Greece Region S.A. was founded in 1996 and the current shareholders are the Western Greece Region and Municipalities of Ilia Perfecture.
The company has vast experience in project management and implementation of projects funded by various sources including National and European funding mechanisms oriented to the management of rural areas and support of agriculture economy, tourist promotion, environment etc. Also, operates a fully equipped Soil Laboratory since 2009.
Aims of Company are:
• The promotion, assistance and concretisation of developmental activities for public, social and private sector in the form of investment projects, enterprising exploitations, actions of human resources management, business environment and innovation development.
• Implementation and exploitation of projects related to local growth, environmental protection, in collaboration with Ministries, Educational Institutions and Agencies of the State and the European Union.
• The creation of conditions for the growth and development of the Region from economic, social, environmental and cultural perspective, based on the local resources of private and public sector as well as with resources and funds of European Community and Greek State.
• Co-ordination of activities, technical and scientific support at the developmental planning of the Region.
Company's other activities:
• Organisation of events and various meetings.
• Exploitation of cultural, tourist and natural resources of Western Greece Region.
• Agricultural consultancy services.
• Environmental studies.
• Development studies for rural areas.
The company provides technical support to the Region of Western Greece and in all municipalities of the Region in preparing development plans and drafting proposals for their integration in national and European programs.
As far as the project Innovability is concerned, P3 in Greece is responsible for WP 4 - literary contest. P3 support the realization of interventions that will take place in School buildings located in the Regional Unit of Ilia and Aitoloakarnania.

  • The budget of P3 amounts to
    121.883,00 €.
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    Development Company of Western Greece Region S.A.
    Head Office: Aigiou 23 & Amerikis, P.C. 26441, Patras, Greece
    Tel: +302610 318224 - 2610 311872, Fax: 2610 317877
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    Branch Office: Manolopoulou 31, P.C. 27100, Pyrgos, Greece
    Tel:+302621037146, Fax: +302621037169
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Cotup was founded in 1969. It is a non-profit-making consortium of Apulian tourism companies. Its main objectives are: to promote and increase the tourist flows coming from Italy and abroad; problem solving concerning tourism in cooperation with public and private local actors in pursue of common goals and interests; to promote tourist companies trying to interpret and support the operators' needs.
The main activities associated with the consortium are varied and can be so described: to plan and manage promotional, tourist and cultural events in Italy and abroad; to organize the collective participation to fairs and exhibitions; to organize educational guided tours for tour operators and journalists; to coordinate, organize and manage advertisement programs.
Over the forty years since the beginning of its business activity, the consortium has both set up and consolidated events and has become a point of reference for the major associations within the same sector. Thanks to constant monitoring of tourism flows and demand both in Italy and abroad, Cotup has identified the most receptive areas for the regional tourism and thus defined, in cooperation with various institutions, the most favourable strategies for the development of Apulian tourism. In the last few years Cotup has participated in over fifty trade fairs in Italy and over sixty abroad and organized approximately 20 promotional events.
From 2002 to 2008, on behalf of the Regione Puglia, the consortium was charged for the realization and running of tourism promotional events and fairs at both the national and international levels, together with hospitality and promotional tours. The publishing activity of the consortium is particularly worth mentioning. It edits and publishes brochures concerning different topics and new styles of hospitality.
In the last few years Cotup has acquired experience in CBC and international projects. With reference with INTERREG IIIA Italy-Albania 2000-2006, Cotup managed the project "CoSTIA: Cooperation and Tourist development Italy-Albania". The aim of the project was to promote an cooperation between Italy and Albania for the development of alternative forms of receptiveness and sustainable tourism (particularly the B&B) in Albania in tuning with the environmental and natural heritage of the territory of Saranda. With reference with INTERREG IIIA Adriatic Cross Border Cotup has coordinated and managed, as Lead Partner, Project TTB: Tourism, Spa, Wellness. The project was aimed to the reinforcement of the cross border cooperation process by the creation of favourable situations for the development of small and medium sized tourism enterprises from the thermal and wellbeing sectors in the surrounding areas.
With reference with INTERREG IIIA Adriatic Cross Border, Cotup participated as Partner in the Project ADRIATIC SEAWAYS. Activities were: Study of economic and tourist development of the territory; creation of tourist packages, and Trans-Adriatic routes. With reference with IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013, Cotup participated as Partner in the Projects STAR and TOURGRATE2.

The budget of P4 amounts to
189.903,60 €
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Municipality of San Cesario di Lecce - P5

San Cesario Lecce is an Italian town of 8.444 inhabitants located in the province of Lecce in Apulia, specifically in northern-central Salento, 5 km far away from the provincial county seat. Although the area has been frequented since the Bronze Age as evidenced by the presence of menhir (standing stones), the origin of San Cesario is still today connected to the Roman domination of Salento. As partner of Innovability, P5 will realize the intervention of the Ducal Palace - Municipality location, in order to access to the Museum of Contemporary Art located on the top floor, and the historical archive, located on the second floor of the same building. The Municipality of San Cesario Lecce is also responsible in Italy for WP 4 - literary contest.

Municipality of Calimera – P6

Calimera is a town of just over 7.000 inhabitants located 15 km far away from Lecce. It belongs, together with the Municipalities of Martignano, Sternatia, Zollino, Martano, Castrignano de' Greci, Corigliano d'Otranto, Soleto and Melpignano, to the so-called area of "Grecìa Salentina", a sub-area of the province of Lecce in which remains alive in some traditions the Greek - Byzantine culture spread throughout the Apulian Region from the sixth to twelfth century and in particular the dialect, regarded still today as a real language, the griko. Tangible symbol of the ellenicity of Calimera is the beautiful attican stele given from the Municipality of Athens to the salentine centre in 1960. P6 will participate to the contest of WP 4 and is responsible in Italy for WP 5 -Innovation day and Event. In order to reach projects' aims connected to infrastructural interventions, the Municipality of Calimera will realize its interventions to local municipal playground, providing it with tools, toys and trails designed for different abilities.